Controlling MP3 STATION With an InfraRed Remote Control


Using Lirc (Linux Infrared Remote Control) it is possible to manage MP3 STATION with a common remote controll (yes you can even use the reote control from your broken tv stored in your garage).
All you need is a lirc compatible receiving device and a little configuration for whatever remote you are using and there it is.
There is a very large list of already mapped remotes and even if your hardware is not already avalible it is very easy to map it yourself.

I have made detailed instructions on how to make a homebrew serial receiving device.
If you have any trouble that is preventing you from building one I'm willing to build and test one for you at a reasonable price (12 EUR incluging shipping).
If you are intrested drop me a line <louigi600 (at) yahoo (dot) it> and we can settle all the details.
Thare are also screenshots of the serial receiving device.