Bootable Compact Flash System Builder
I put up some utilities to help myself, and hopefully others too, build bootable CF for embedded systems. The tool comes with basic root filesystems for a fully networking system, you may add waht more you need or substitute with whatever you need.
Before replacing the sutff that comes with these tools take a look at the rc scripts that manage loading extra packages and saving changes on the system on shutdown. Normal initrd systems do not do this automatically. In particular rc.6, rc.changes and rc.S.
The project's name is "bootable Compact fLASH system builder" Clash.

MP3 STATION 1.0 is getting close
Thanks to the feedback, from some of you out there, the latest 1.0 Release Candidare version should compile with no problems on bothe Linux and FreeBSD.
A special thanks to Michael R. W. , Michael P. and Timothy L.

Need help for a text based film selector for mplayer
I need some help to setup a text based film selector (something like menuconfig for linux kernel) so that when mplayer is started with IR Remote a film can be selected with the remote and on press of play button mplayer is started with the selected film.

New Flash minidistro with X-windows
There is a new small installation that is similar to the previous version but also has full multimedia support with X, mplayer and xawtv.
It is designed to fit on a 128Mb CF with a live root or can also be compressed to fit in a 64Mb CF using cramfs.
Downloads will sooon be avalibe here.

Working on a IfraRed Remote Controlled Client
CM3S will soon have a IfraRed Remote Controlled Client that will rely on LIRC.

Mp3 Station Beta 5 is out
A number of bugfixes come with this release.
See the changelog for more details or take a look at the new screenshots avalible.
Do not be discouraged by the beta testing status, I have done a lot of testing especially under the linux environment. Any unexpected behaviure of my software should me limited to it, so your system and data are not at risk.
You may have compile time trouble, although I have done my best to minimize it, on the other platforms whitch is very frustrating but harmless ;-)
If you want to give it a try download it.

Updates on the screenshot section
This is how the mini-itx was fitted in my car. Still haveto make a cover !
Take a look at the screenshots

Car Pc Power Button (CPPB) is a next step to spo and provides a means of booting and shutting down correctly a pc (ideally in a car) with gust one button, just like your car stereo. It only requires some very simple extra componets with respect to spo. download

Serial Power Off (SPO) is a handy way to shutdown a machine correctly witout any keyboard or video atacched. download